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The Next Cycle – Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics

By Rockville Crossfit | In Article, Blog | on December 13, 2015

Rockville CrossFit – CrossFit

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Regardless of your athletic abilities, site Crossfit as a training regimen develops great general physical preparedness aimed at getting you prepared for your sport or whatever challenges life can throw at you. In Crossfit, patient there are four modalities: Gymnastics, illness Weightlifting, Monostructural (run,bike,row), and Metabolic Conditioning. One of the best things about Crossfit is that one area can assist with another. Being strong in weightlifting helps you become strong in gymnastics. And you can become stronger in weightlifting by getting better at gymnastics.

At the conclusion of our strength cycle, many of you hit PRs on your main and olympic lifts. Many of you have ditched a few bands (or all bands), got your first strict pull up or dip, and gained overall strength in these gymnastics movement.

Congratulations and great job!

Now let’s keep the momentum going in this next cycle and add more tools within our CrossFit tool box. For the next 7 weeks, our programming will primarily focus on the Olympic Lifts and basic Gymnastics skills.

Olympic Weightlifting
Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting
There are two lifts in Olympic weightlifting: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. In the Snatch (aka World’s Fastest Lift), a barbell is lifted from the ground to overhead in one dynamic movement. And in the Clean & Jerk (aka World’s Most Powerful Lift), a barbell is lifted from the ground to shoulder then from shoulder to overhead in two dynamic movements.

The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk tests one’s’ ability to apply force and strength from one end range to another, therefore addressing and training at least 8 of 10 General Fitness Skills: Strength; Flexibility; Power; Speed; Coordination; Agility; Balance and Accuracy. And to a certain degree, addresses Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance and Stamina. Because of the effectiveness of Olympic weightlifting in training these 10 General Fitness Skills, more and more CrossFit competitions are centering movements/exercises around these two lifts.

Olympic Weightlifting offers much more benefits besides physical fitness. The complexity and the detail to technique and kinetic chain pattern provides neural development among athletes. As we continue to perform and practice Olympic Weightlifting, we will be able to move more efficiently with less central nervous fatigue and at a greater capacity.

Importance of Technique
Bob Takano, USA Weightlifting Inductee and Coach emphasizes, “the best results will occur when technique is mastered first.” During the 7 weeks, we do not expect you to become the greatest weightlifter in the world. However, we do expect you to become proficient in the Olympic lifts by using the proper muscle groups. Through practice with manageable percentages and from different positions (ie, power position, hang position), by the end of the cycle, you should have a good sense of proper muscle usage during the Olympic Lifts.

And also note, if you’d like more technique work and coaching, we encourage you to attend Olympic Lifting sessions on Tuesday/Thursday 730PM-9PM and Sunday 9AM-12PM.

In this cycle, we will incorporate the kip with pull ups and dips. Also, we will begin working on the progression for the hand stand push up and the GHD sit up.

The Kip with Pull Ups and Dips
We will now incorporate the kipping pull up and kipping dip during this cycle. However, we recommend that you must first be able to perform a few strict pull ups and dips before attempting the kipping pull up or the kipping dip. Don’t worry, we are still doing the progressions that will get you there.

Learning the kipping pull up and dip skill is beneficial for heavy volume. It is also beneficial in developing that “snap” action with our hips. This “snap” generates power in our hips that will transfer to other skills that we do in Crossfit such as the muscle up and the Olympic lifts.

Kipping in dips is all about bringing your body up using the momentum from your legs. Here again we are utilizing the hips to bring our legs up to our chest to generate the upward momentum to push ourselves up on the rings or bar.

Handstand Push Ups
We will begin doing the Top Half Strict Press to build strength with handstand push ups. The first repetition will be done as a push press and then you will lower the bar down to your forehead and then press it back up. We are stopping at the forehead because the range of motion for a handstand ends at the forehead.

Glute-Ham-Developer Sit Up (GHD-Sit Up)
The GHD sit up is one of the best ways to develop core strength. Your hip flexors are meant to work together with your ab muscles for a stronger core. Weak hip flexors mean weak abs. The GHD apparatus is superior at developing strength in both the hip flexors and the abs. During this cycle, we will begin the progression for the GHD: straight-legged sit up from the floor, half-way GHD sit up and the full range GHD sit up to develop a stronger core.

3-2-1, Go…

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