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New Cycle Starts June 26 – Here is What to Expect

By Josh Singer | In Article, Blog | on June 9, 2017

Wow. Summer is here already. That means beach chairs, ampoule burgers, hot dogs, laying in front of the pool, and oh yeah . . . a new MoCo CrossFit cycle! Following the upcoming two week testing period, we will begin a new 12 week cycle. We’ll be focusing on 3 major areas this cycle: Explosive Power, Intermediate Aerobic Capacity, and Intermediate Gymnastics Skills.

  1. Explosive Power – Not only will we be working on strength this cycle in the traditional sense, we will be adding some explosive movements and powerful lifts to really get you guys strong and in shape for summer. Some examples of things you may see for the squat, for example are pause squats, pin back squats (squats from dead stop), zercher squats, and adding immediate work after a squat set like box jumps or split squat jumps, as we’ve done a little bit of at the end of last cycle. A similar thought processes will be brought to other lifts like the bench press.
  2. Intermediate Aerobic Capacity – The last cycle we had a lot of metcons that allowed us to start building a strong aerobic engine. Many of the workouts had a work to rest ratio of about 1:1 or even 1:2. We will still be working on building that aerobic engine through our metcons. On top of that, we’ll add more volume with running (especially as weather continues to get nicer outside!), rowing, Assault Bike, jumping rope to really get everyone in tip top summer shape. The “Optional X” workouts that we recently began will continue to focus on fat blasting, body shaping, bikini/mankini body preparing (alright, maybe not mankini preparing).
  3. Intermediate Gymnastics Skills — We will implement more complex gymnastics skills. These skills will still be based on establishing strength. Remember that you can always scale back with the previous week’s drills or other given scaled options. Remember that gymnasts spend YEARS perfecting these skills, so it is likely they will be difficult. So you won’t knock them out in two weeks. Enjoy the process and learn as much as you can while getting a great workout. The one small difference between this gymnastics cycle and the previous one is that there will be a “skill strength” portion this time around. This will be a more complex skill that will help you toward developing 3 specific skills in gymnastics. I’ve included several links for you to see types of things that we will be working on!

Those 3 goals will be:



Handstand/Press Handstand

Overall, this cycle is shaping up to be a good one, dare I say . . . a great one. There’s really something for everybody in this cycle, so I can’t wait for everyone to start up. In terms of mobility, we will work on developing flexibility and joint strength, similar to last cycle. I can’t wait for us to start up on this new stuff!


Check out these links:











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