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CrossFit – An All Inclusive Fitness Solution

By Josh Singer | In Article, Blog | on August 14, 2017

CrossFit has quickly become one of the most well known forms of exercise all over the world. Initially, there were skeptics – there were those that didn’t understand what CrossFit was trying to accomplish. It is not solely an exercise program for military and/or gung-ho law enforcement personnel; CrossFit is truly an inclusive approach to fitness. What does that mean? By inclusive I mean that the CrossFit approach allows all individuals to participate in the same workouts every single day. While athletes vary in their specific abilities and limitations based on experience, age, medical condition, etc., CrossFit can be adapted to anyone in any situation. You don’t have to love any one thing in CrossFit – there is so much variation in a week’s worth of workouts that everyone gets through movements they love. Let’s take a deeper look at why CrossFit is as an inclusive and heathy fitness solution to all. 

Constant Variation

Few, if any, workout programs are as good as CrossFit in both motivating and engaging its members. Working out has become boring in so many ways – there are hundreds of gyms where you can walk in and get a towel and a tootsie roll and proceed to sit on an elliptical for 3 hours while watching HGTV. Don’t take this the wrong way! There’s nothing inherently wrong with any method of moving your body and breaking a sweat.

I want that to be clear. Shaming any type of exercise is not what this article is about. But what happens when you end up going to the gym and doing the above over and over again is simple – you get bored! CrossFit workouts employ a methodology in the programming known as “constant variation.” Both the movements in the workouts and the structure of the workouts themselves (time domain, number of repetitions, etc.) are all varied throughout the weeks and months. So when you’re in a CrossFit gym, not only are you building muscle, burning fat, and getting into the best shape of your life, you’re doing it in a way that will keep you engaged and enjoying the process.


One of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit in the general fitness community is surrounding its intensity. Will some of the workouts be difficult? Absolutely. But if you want to make progress and move forward in your journey to a healthier body, it is going to take some hard work. We pride ourselves here at MoCo CrossFit in our Foundations course. Due to the amount of coverage we have of the basic skills in our Foundations course, new members are more confident before CrossFit classes.

A Well Rounded Approach

CrossFit is about more than lifting weights and running sprints. Endurance and strength training work is important to building a healthy lifestyle, but CrossFit exercises also work on your balance, agility, flexibility and other areas of weakness. That is why you’re guaranteed to make progress through weeks of CrossFit classes. Coaches are trained to spot individual weaknesses among clients, and you can be confident that you will find yourself in a better physical place after joining several CrossFit classes.

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The Concept of “For Time”

Sometimes in a conditioning workout, you’ll be challenged to perform a specific number of repetitions within a time domain. This time-based challenge is perfect because of two reasons: first, you can track your progress against a specific result on a date in the past. If it took you 6:54 on August 12 and you perform the same workout on October 22, but this time it took you 5:25, you’ll know you’ve improved over those months of CrossFit classes. Second, it creates a sense of urgency within a workout. When I tell you to perform 20 repetitions of X and then 25 reps of Y, but say to do it in the next 15 minutes, you won’t be in any sort of hurry. But if I say you have 5 minutes to get this done, you’re going to get your heart rate going through that workout!

Fun and Effective Training

CrossFit gyms (“boxes”) often employ the use of varying types of movements that make exercise fun. I’ll be the first to admit how going to the gym can be boring. That’s why CrossFit classes include power lifting movements, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, kettle bell training, running, jumping, crawling and more. Because of the amount of different movements in rotation, workouts are fun filled and exciting for all.

Come See For Yourself

I’ve heard the skepticism before. There is an actual fear of starting at a CrossFit gym, sometimes just starting at any gym. And that’s normal. But as more and more people are jumping on board and seeing incredible results, it’s your turn to try CrossFit for yourself. Make your own judgments. You will never know what your body is capable of if you don’t take the first small step to a better life.

As a result of the hard work you’ll put in, you will be getting a total fitness solution to match your needs. Over time you’ll see that there is no other program out there that can get you and your body to where you want to be as efficiently and in a more fun way as with CrossFit.

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