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Ditch Your Boring Fitness Routine! Top 3 Reasons to Choose CrossFit

By Josh Singer | In Article, Blog | on September 18, 2017

Fitness gyms didn’t exist until the 1970s. Beginning in California, gyms slowly made their way around the world. Soon gyms could even be found in strip malls! As you look around, you’ll find an almost infinite selection of gyms available in your area. At times, it can be intimidating with the immense variety of options.

CrossFit gyms are now the ones being chose among a sea of choices of other popular style gyms. People are beginning to fill CrossFit gyms to their capacity for good reason. We’re going to take a look at why the public has turned to CrossFit as their top choice of exercise programs. More importantly, we’ll tell you why you should make that choice too. Here are the three top reasons why the exercises performed in CrossFit workouts are more effective than any other type of exercises or group exercise class.

1. A True Full Body Workout

While other fitness classes claim to work out your entire body, their workouts are often too easy or the programming is lack luster. Men and women around the world have already turned to CrossFit in almost every major city for results they can trust. Each workout you do in a CrossFit class is programmed with the needs of the members of the gym in mind. Each member has strengths and weaknesses. It is the job of a CrossFit coach to address each of those weaknesses throughout a week of programming at the gym. A popular saying we tell new members in their free intro class is “no workout is repeated twice.” With the exception of some benchmark and testing workouts, the programming is varied throughout the weeks and months to guarantee a total body experience.


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2. No Need To Deal With Machines – You ARE The Machine

At a CrossFit gym, you are the focus. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been to a large brand name gym and had a whole workout planned out. I knew which exercise I would pair with another one, how many reps I would do, how much rest, etc. But what made me so annoyed was when I got to the gym all the machines were in use! Even more upsetting was that they weren’t even in use! Often, the person before me also didn’t care to use a towel so the machine was covered in sweat – gross. You don’t have to worry about pesky machines and waiting for equipment at a CrossFit gym because you are the machine. What I mean by that is that you and your body will do the work required for the workout, not some machine with gears and levers.

There is definitely some equipment involved (dumb bells, kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls, ropes, pull up bars, gymnastics rings, etc.), but the focus is you moving your body around that equipment. You are constantly pushing your body to the limit. It is at that limit that you can find the biggest benefit. The movements are simple and easy. And more so, they’re things we as humans should be doing. Think about squats, lunges, push ups. They’re all things that translate into a real world activity like sitting down and getting up from the ground. After you participate in our foundations course, you’ll be 100% confident in all the movements we do in classes.


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3. CrossFit Makes Working Out Fun Again!

Walking on a treadmill and pushing yourself on an elliptical machine is incredibly boring. Even lifting weights on your own can be tough. If I have my music to listen to, the workout goes a bit better, but I’m still missing something. It’s hard to get motivated to go to the gym on your own!

A Friendly Atmosphere

I’ve spent the last several years of my life involved in CrossFit. I’ve made it a point to visit a CrossFit gym if there is one wherever I go on vacation. You want to know what the one thing they all have in common is? I’ve always felt welcome when I enter a CrossFit gym. From the coaches to the athletes in the classes, everyone is incredibly nice. Everyone is willing to lend a hand if you ever have a question or need help with a movement.

Barking Orders At You Doesn’t Motivate You

As a coach now I’ve been asked, “well isn’t CrossFit just another boot camp class where I’ll sweat a lot?” My answer is the same every time. I say no way! So many of the boot camp classes out there are structured where the coach/leader stands in the front and barks orders at you. “More pushups!” “10 more reps!” I don’t like being yelled at in general.  So why would I want to be yelled at during my trip to the gym? That isn’t how we do things in a CrossFit class.

The coach of each class will definitely motivate you. However, the amount you get out of each class is almost entirely based on the effort you put in. If you’re open to being pushed to your fitness potential to help reach your goals, CrossFit will give you benefits you could have never imagined from the gym.

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