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Can I join even though I’m not in shape?

Yes, absolutely! CrossFit is for everyone! Our coaches have the knowledge to scale workouts accordingly to your skill and physical ability in a safe manner.

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I am new to CrossFit, do I need to know how to do the training movements before I join?

No, when you join MoCo CrossFit, you will need  to complete our fundamentals classes.  They are a total of 3 classes going over our fundamental training movements and basic knowledge regarding nutrition, mobility and recovery.  Also remember, during every class our coaches will work with you to improve your skills!


How long are classes and what should I prepare for?

Classes are 75 minutes long.  Prepare for a great workout and a great time.  Come with an open mind and a determination to work hard!


What should I expect in my first class?

Your first class will be your time to get to know us and our time to get to know you. We’ll get some preliminary information from you, as well as answer any questions you may have. After that, you’ll go through an abbreviated CrossFit class. We’ll take you through a warm-up, stretches, and provide instruction on the exercises you’ll be doing. After you’ve learned the exercises you’ll need to know, we’ll take you through a short CrossFit workout, that will be scaled to your fitness and ability level.


How many people are in each class?

We typically have between 6-10 people per class.


Will I be the worst person in the class?

No! We modify all of our exercises so that everyone can hold their own in classes. Because CrossFit covers a large spectrum of exercises and training techniques, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, you will be bad at a few things, but you’ll also probably be pleasantly surprised at how well you do other things. For example, stronger athletes tend to not be as flexible, and a flexible athlete will be able to master more advanced exercises more quickly. Remember, never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.


Why do you charge so much more than other big chain gyms?

Bigger, chain gyms operate on a business model of overselling memberships, and hoping the majority of those members never walk inside the gym. At MoCo CrossFit, we operate in the opposite manner. We don’t oversell memberships, and we want you to come in! Every time you workout, you’ll be instructed and supervised for safety by a qualified instructor, who has several years of CrossFit experience. You’re not paying for a gym membership here, you’re paying for a small group class, that is scaled to your individual needs and goals, full of supportive athletes and led by very experienced instructors.


There are several Crossfit gyms in the area, what makes yours better?

We’re actually on friendly terms with most of the Crossfit gyms in the area, and you won’t find us bad-mouthing any of them. Each Crossfit gym is owned and operated by someone different, and each has it’s own style. You’ll also find varying degrees of instruction and supervision at different CrossFit gyms. At MoCo CrossFit, we have over 20,000 hours of combined experience teaching CrossFit. We closely supervise newer athletes, while letting athletes who have proved they know what they’re doing have more free run of the gym. But new or experienced, you’ll find a community of incredibly friendly, helpful people here. We recommend you come in, workout with us, and see if we’re the right fit for you.


Is CrossFit for me?

CrossFit is for anyone who is willing to put in the work and is looking for a supportive environment where they can thrive. We routinely see mothers of several children, who come in 40lbs or more overweight, who progress far faster than other, seemingly “fitter” athletes who didn’t want to work as hard. As with everything else in life, you’ll take out of your fitness program exactly what you put into it. The difference is that here, you’ll be working alongside other like-minded athletes, in a friendly environment that is designed to to help bring out your best.

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