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Useful Links


www.mobilitywod.com Excellent resource for learning how to stretch, do mobility, and be able to move better. Also a good resource for taking care of whatever aches and pains you have after workouts. It is WELL worth the money for a subscription for anyone who is chronically tight, is working around injuries, or for the aspiring competitive athlete.

http://www.jimwendler.com/  The website that is home to the excellent Wendler strength program, also known as 5-3-1.

http://www.catalystathletics.com/resources/powerOutput.php This is a work output calculator. It can be interesting to see how many horsepower you generate in a given workout.


We highly recommend a paleo-style diet for everything from fat loss, to workout performance, to improved health and longevity. These are great links to answer all your questions.

http://www.marksdailyapple.com A good paleo website, especially for those really wanting to understand the “why” behind our recommendations.

www.whole30.com The Whole 30 is an excellent program for anyone who has decided to commit to improving their nutrition through the paleo diet. We wholeheartedly agree with virtually everything Melissa and Dallas have to say about nutrition – both the science behind it, and the “spirit” of a healthy diet. If you’re looking to quickly get ready for the beach, or just need to get your nutrition back on track, this is where you should go.

http://thepaleodiet.com/ Another good paleo website

http://robbwolf.com/ Robb Wolf is a scientist, CrossFitter, and Paleo Guru.


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