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Chris Bonilla

Chris Bonilla

Chris was born and raised in Montgomery County Maryland. Chris graduated from Bethesda Chevy Chase High School in 2012 where he played soccer, volleyball and track. Shortly after graduating, he enlisted in the Army National Guard as an infantryman. In 2014 he received a scholarship with University of Maryland’s ROTC where he is currently studying English and expects to graduate in May 2017. He was first introduced to CrossFit and weightlifting in 2013 and immediately became determined to be the best he could possibly be. His long term goal is to qualify for Nationals in weightlifting, some of his current numbers are:
Clean and Jerk- 270 lbs
Snatch- 235 lbs
Front Squat- 300 lbs
Back Squat- 330 lbs
He has previously worked at Fitness Edge in Gaithersburg MD where he coached weightlifting and general fitness classes. He hopes to take his experiences and help the MoCo CrossFit community continue to achieve their goals in fitness.

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