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Kayla Castro

Kayla Castro

Originally from Tucson, AZ, Kayla earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Gallaudet University in Washington DC and spent much of her high school and undergraduate years on dance and cross-country teams and, more recently, has worked as a certified personal trainer at a Capitol Hill gym.

Kayla is a certified USA Triathlon coach and endurance junkie—an avid runner and triathlete training for multiple races. On top of that, she uses CrossFit as supplemental training and saw her race times drop dramatically. In 2014 after placing 19th (23rd overall) in the Nike’s Women Half Marathon in Washington DC, she retired her racing shoes and earned her CF-LI shortly after completing her master’s degree in Exercise Science at the George Washington University.

Kayla is deaf, wears a hearing aid and communicates mainly in American Sign Language but that doesn’t stop her from interacting with the hearing world. Due to visual cues of movement and her zeal for the application of science to the study of fitness, she is able to cater to those seeking to maximize their health and potential. Her ultimate goal is to empower and provide others with the safe, effective methods they need to hone a body and mind that allows them to perform at their highest levels.

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